Website Redesign


A successful website redesign without losing traffic, leads or sales of your original website

A website redesign may not sound appealing to most of us as it adds to our extra budget, time and headache of planning and execution. But as the technology is transforming new applications are developing which are enough to allure the users. This gives popularity for the website redesign India. Here are a few reasons which make can make you opt for a website redesign:

  • To make it responsive design – with more number of people accessing websites on their smart phones it has become mandatory to make your website responsive or mobile friendly
  • To add new functionality – the demand for latest multimedia features has become a fad among the users of techno savvy generation like widgets
  • To incorporate social media – integration with social media is a must to promote your website incredibly among audience
  • To keep it up-to-date – keeping an updated version is essential for various extensions and plugins to work properly.
  • To improve usability – improved navigation with enhanced mobility is much in demand these days apart form a flexible to use layout
  • To incorporate rebranding – with a more updated website you get a chance to improve our brand. It renders a better impact among the visitors as change is usually appreciated

It is a major cause of concern associated with your website redesign process that you often lose your traffic, sales or leads. This may incur enough loss to your website reputation and may ask you to initiate the process once again. Keeping your SEO from the old site in place for the new site is actually very easy if you consider following points:

  • Set up 301 redirects for all your pages
  • Find the inbound links associated with your webpages and redirect them.
  • Create a sitemap .xml file to let Google bots crawl and index your site
  • If you’re moving domains, let Google know this by using “change of address” tool in order to avoid any unnecessary conflicts
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