E-commerce India: a journey from zero to infinity

The world is a digital globe today. Everything is at a click or a single touch now. Buying and selling things over the internet is no more a news today. This online selling and purchasing of products and services is known as e-commerce – a much used terminology in today’s digital society. Any type of business transacted electronically is e-commerce. All the monetary transactions are done virtually here through the use of plastic currency like credit cards, debit cards, etc. An e-commerce benefits both the customers as well as the merchants. Year 2002 marked the e-commerce India via IRCTC. The Indian government came forward with the IRCTC (Online Passenger Reservation System), which for the first time encountered the online ticket booking from anywhere at any time. This was a relief to the common man as now they don’t have to wait for long in line, no issues for wastage of time during unavailability of the trains, no burden on the ticket bookers and many more. Thereafter, the e-commerce wide spread its wings in making life simpler. Today you can go for online shopping, ticket bookings for airlines, movie shows, e-banking etc. there is no limit for the popularity and utility of e-commerce India.

The e-commerce facilitated online shopping provides a vast array of benefits to the consumer that is otherwise unavailable in standard brick and mortar stores. They can make transactions now only in minutes, rather than the hours included in physically getting to the store. It enables users to make a fair comparison of prices, product specifications, delivery time etc. Quickly browsing multi websites that stock products that suite your criteria is as simple as a Google search. Online purchases are comparatively cheaper as the merchants get the cost reduction for physical maintenance of the store. Just as the e-commerce is a boon for the customers, it is equally beneficial for the merchants. E-commerce allows online merchants to stock a larger product range than a traditional store. With the integration of promotional platforms like social media merchants can increase their sales and generate more leads than via traditional offline store business.

The latest trend in e-commerce is the mobile shopping. The smart phones have made it much flexible to access any website anywhere at any time. The mobile commerce has developed a niche in our lives. Everything from net banking to buying a property online is now at a hands reach. Yet more to look on the future benefits of e-commerce.

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