Increase Website Ranking

How can you increase website ranking in simple ways?

“Where to buy the best quality watches at most affordable price?”

“Which is the nearest hospital in our locality?”

The above two queries are out of normal in our day to day life. What do we do then? Blessed with the internet age, we simply switch to Google and type the most relevant keywords with a firm belief that we would get the correct answer. Such is the aura of the search engines that users are completely dependent upon it for any type of search. Now it is equally true to acknowledge that users don’t give a damn to search multiple sites available over the internet to find out their answers. The very first or two pages are the most commonly searched one by the users. They find the information most suitable to them over these pages. What about the rest of the pages? Are they useless? No. But yes they get the depreciated value comparatively. This gives the way to increase website ranking India and find out the ways to improve their rankings on search engines in order to increase traffic at their site. But how do they do it? Let’s find it out.

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. So, in order to improve your ranking you have to follow some SEO tactics. Here is how:

  • Keyword optimization: use potential keywords that are most targeted by the users. It is recommended to target the “long tail” of keywords as most searches are not 1-keyword long, but 2-3 or even 4 keywords long.
  • URL Optimisation: keep the length of the URL about 100 characters long and try to use dashes in place of underscores. Too many special characters in the URL must be avoided.
  • Meta description: keep it around 160 characters long inclusive of 2-3 sentences related to the page description.
  • Title and Headings: it should relate to the central theme of the body content. The ideal ones would be with the inclusion of keywords in them. Use proper headings like H, H2, H3…
  • Avoid Duplicate content existing at one or more URLs as it may render negative impact on SEO ranking. You may also use redirecting pages between multiple versions.
  • XML Sitemap: create XML Sitemaps on your website and submit it to the Google Webmaster tools so that all the content could be crawled by the search engines.
  • Use relevant keywords for image description so that it is easily understood by the search engines.
  • User friendly layout: Unless your website allows for flexible navigation, structured information, integration features and interactivity, users won’t be able to spend more time there.
  • Guest blogging: High quality guest blogging using original content is the one that works best and can bring optimal results.

Strong link building: build the links for within the text, images, videos etc. in the right way to redirect audience to your pages in bulk.

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