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How efficient is your SEO Consultant to improve SERP ranking of your website?

It’s easier to place your content, but it is tough to get noticed on the web. Getting your website enlisted in top ten search results by Google or Yahoo requires a potential strategy to develop and maintain your website. Everything from its design, content and marketing impacts its search engine ranking. You just have to find a way to show search engines that your site belongs at the top of the heap. Here is the need for search engine optimization (SEO). The SEO consultancy India plays the critical role in the assemblage and implementation of techniques to improve SERP position of the website. These SEO techniques depend on how search engines work. There are legitimate methods that are a great way to let search engines know your Web page exists. But some SEO consultancies adopt unlawful means of improving your SERP position. Google these days is very particular about such tricks and clearly keeps a track of such misleading activities over the web.

Search engines categorize Web pages mostly based on keywords. So it is desirable to comprehend the right keywords and their judicious placement on your web pages. Another deciding factor for the quality of your webpage is the use of embedded links. . Link analysis means the search engine looks to see how many other Web pages link to the page in question. You can also adopt link exchange activity with other sites that cover material related to your content. Some SEO Consultancies also recommend linking redirecting pages to your website. This will automatically increase audience traffic if the information provides on the redirected pages is relevant for the users.

Before relying on an SEO consultant, it’s important to check his credentials, track record and client list. It’s also recommended to stay as informed as possible about SEO issues. Nowadays the responsibilities of an SEO consultant have been revised with improved techniques to provide better results to the customers. The broader sophisticated discipline includes: mobile app search, cloud computing, responsive web design, mobile friendly SEO, Structured & Unstructured media, Social integration and online security measures.

Working with a SEO consultant encompasses an array of responsibilities such as:

  • To know the target audience well, their objectives and the goals of the company
  • Keyword research and mapping
  • Increase user experience on website through clicks and views on the website
  • Identifying and resolving critical SEO issues and solving them. The common ones include 404 error, redirecting failure, server errors and sitemap problems
  • Using call to action features to improve conversion rates
  • Recommend effective online security measures to ensure there is no malware addition to the website
  • Keeping a track of keyword ranking changes
  • Efficient use of internal linking
  • Recommendation for a global navigation, site layout, menu systems, sidebar and footnote
  • Implementing Google authorship integration for gaining rich snippets
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